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Emergency Plan Writing

You need oil spill response plans. Company policy demands it, legislation demands it and common sense tells you that planning for emergencies is simply the right thing to do. Unfortunately good intentions can often end up with something that 'ticks the box' but does not provide your organisation with what it needs… the best tool to really help you when an oil spill happens.

Many contingency planners lack the experience or appreciation of what responders actually need and how they react when accidents happen. At Blue Petrel Consulting we apply our extensive operational knowledge to ensure that key information in your oil spill contingency plan is presented in a graphical easy to use format supported by appropriate job aids, enabling responders to access information easier and respond more efficiently.

Blue Petrel Consulting address the contingency planning process in an internationally recognized and approved manner. We work with you to gather the appropriate background information on risks and the local environment, involving oil spill modelling where necessary; we develop appropriate strategies based on the tiered response concept and then we devise the action plan, which results in the documentation known as the contingency plan.

Our contingency plans are extremely functional; the purposeful design makes them genuine tools to help responders do what they need to do.

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