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Blue Petrel Consulting develop and base exercises on realistic scenarios tailored to your operations.

We can manage all aspects of your exercise, from direction and coordination to facilitation, role play and evaluation. Our approach to each project is structured to reflect best industry practise from the design stage through to development and conducting the exercise, followed by a comprehensive review.

Notification Exercises
Notification exercises test the procedures to alert and call out the response teams as well as testing communications systems and reporting to external agencies as stipulated in the oil spill contingency plan. The exercise can also be used to monitor the availability of personnel, evaluate travel options and the speed at which arrangements can be made. These exercise may be held at any time of day or night and may be either announced or unannounced.

Table-top Exercises
Table-top exercises will involve a response team discussing a simulated scenario but without the mobilisation of equipment and additional personnel. This may involve a number of groups and in separate rooms or at remote locations communicating by various means. This type of exercise is an excellent method for introducing staff to their contingency plan and as a training tool.

Equipment Deployment Exercises
These exercises test the capability of a response team to deploy its oil spill response equipment at or too a particular location in response to a scenario and in accordance to the strategies identified within the oil spill contingency plan. These exercises test the capability of the local team to respond, provide experience of local conditions and enhance individual skills. The exercise should also involve other parties who would normally form part of your response. It is also an excellent method for testing and refining pre-agreed containment and protection plans.

Incident Management Exercises An incident management exercise should involve the full mobilisation of the Incident Management Team and can include the involvement of key external agencies. Role players can be utilised to simulate the role of internal departments, other external agencies and the media. It is important that steps are taken to ensure the exercise is as realistic as possible. Incident management exercises require significant planning in terms of personnel availability, scenario development and physical arrangements for staging the event.

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