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Training your personnel in their roles are the essential ingredients to you achieving an effective response to oil spills. It is a recognised fact that trained personnel are more effective working under the sustained pressure of a spill response than others.

Blue Petrel Consulting delivers training that develops true knowledge and ability within your team. Using our experience we will help your organisation to prepare for every eventuality. We are dedicated to ensuring that you and your personnel have the knowledge, skills and tools required for incident preparedness and response.

Blue Petrel Consulting will create a tailored programme designed for your personnel, the environment and culture in which you operate. We will deliver our programmes at any location worldwide convenient for your organisation.

We design courses for you. Courses often need to be adjusted for differing locations and customers to ensure they are relevant and focussed on the local environment, national or regional frameworks, contingency plans and your own equipment.

All our courses are fully customisable to meet your particular needs; we can even help identify those needs prior to running a course. We draw on our extensive experience from around the world to provide the appropriate course elements with the right emphasis.

  • IMO level 1 - First Responders
  • IMO level 2 - Supervisors & On-Scene Commanders
  • IMO level 3 - Senior Managers & Administrators’
  • Crisis Management and Oil Spill Response
  • Assessment of Shoreline Contamination
  • Oil Spill Assessment and Observation
  • Working with the Media and NGO’s
  • Dispersant Application Specialist
  • Specialist Equipment Operator
  • Shoreline clean-up Supervisor
  • Response to Inland Spills

.....and many more

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