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Incident Support

Oil Spill incidents place a large variety of demands and pressures upon the response organisation. Having responders with previous spill experience and exposure to the pressures of an incident are advantageous. At Blue Petrel Consulting we can utilise our experience to fulfil various roles in management, operations, logistics or planning to support your organisations response.

Blue Petrel Consulting has attended many of the major oil spill incidents around the world in various capacities from hands-on operations, site supervisor, company manager, country manager and technical expert. Incidents have ranged from; tanker, general cargo vessels, offshore platform, onshore platform, pipeline, storage tanks, rail car and road tanker.

We are also active members of several oil industry, government and non government agency response teams providing technical expertise during spill and crisis events. In the past we have provided technical expertise at national and regional oil spill preparedness workshops in Canada, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, UAE and USA.

We have detailed knowledge of oil spill assessment and main clean-up strategies; inland, shoreline, harbour and at sea containment and recovery. As well as vessel mounted and airborne dispersant spraying systems and in-situ burning.

Contact us to find out how this experience can be made available to you.

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